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With seven divisions and multiple clubs, netball’s popularity is increasing dramatically – and for good reason!There is so much variety in skill levels – newbies are welcomed with open arms and ex-national players compete in the highest division.However, the tender deadline of November 2011 for Ocean Hotel lapsed with no agreement being reached with tenderers for development of the hotel, required to build and operate the hotel, sharing the profits with Ocean Park, but ownership of the hotel would be surrendered to the park after 30 years.In January 2013 the park re-invited tenders for the six-floor 495 room hotel on a more favourable basis which resulted in seven bids by the April 2013 deadline.

The largest hotels in Hong Kong, in terms of number of rooms, are currently; Ocean Park, one of Hong Kong's major tourist attractions, is developing two hotels, Ocean Hotel at the main entrance and The Fullerton at Tai Shue Wan, which were originally intended to be completed in 20 respectively.

Landsliding on these hillsides during intense rainfall is quite common and widespread, leading to extensive studies of natural terrain landslide processes, and the implementation of control procedures to ensure safe development.

This web page contains a summary of current knowledge.

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We have our own government, currency, even football team!

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