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Take your first step to finding your own destiny with our help!Som medlem hos oss kan du komme i kontakt med andre voksne mennesker, enten du søker vennskap, noen å dele en hobby med, et reisefølge eller en romanse.0: Maxima Algebra System - An interface to the Maxima Computer Algebra System 1: Tux Paint 2: Scilab - Scientific software package for numerical computations 3: K3DSurf - tool for mathematical surfaces 4: Tux Typing - Educational typing tutor game starring Tux 5: Childsplay - Suite of educational games for young children 6: Scilab advanced CLI - Scientific software package for numerical computations 7: Geomview - Interactive geometry viewing program 8: Opt Geo - Interactive tool to study and simulate optic assemblies 9: Gv Rng - Guido van Robot NG A: Klavaro - Yet another touch typing tutor B: Turtle Art - A Logo programming environment C: wx Maxima - Perform symbolic and numeric calculations using Maxima D: Little Wizard - Development environment for children E: Regina - Software for 3-manifold topology and normal surface theory F: Ca RMetal - Ca RMetal interactive geometry G: python-whiteboard H: AWeather - Advanced weather reporting program I: Xcas Computer Algebra System - The swiss knife for mathematics J: Squeak - Programming system and content development tool K: Educational suite GCompris - Educational game for ages 2 to 10 L: e Toys - A media-rich model, simulation construction kit and authoring tool a: Kolf b: KJumping Cube c: Klickety d: Bovo e: Palapeli f: KSnake g: KSpace Duel h: KPatience i: KMines j: Kiriki k: KBlack Box l: Naval Battle m: Bomber n: Kubrick o: Konquest p: Kolor Lines q: KSquares r: KHang Man - KDE Hangman Game s: KMahjongg t: Ksir K u: KDiamond v: KNet Walk w: KAtomic x: Killbots y: KBlocks z: KReversi 0: KBounce 1: Blinken - A memory enhancement game 2: Kigo 3: Potato Guy 4: KBreak Out 5: LSkat 6: KGoldrunner - A game of action and puzzle-solving 7: Kapman - Eat pills escaping ghosts 8: Granatier 9: AMOR A: Kanagram - KDE Letter Order Game B: Kollision - A simple ball dodging game C: Shisen-Sho D: KSudoku - KSudoku, Sudoku game & more for KDE E: KSnake Duel F: KFour In Line G: Kajongg - The ancient Chinese board game for 4 players H: Same Game I: Ksir K Skin Editor J: Xboard - Resume XBoard chess tourney K: Frogatto - Young frog's adventure L: Four-in-a-Row - Make lines of the same color to win M: py Racerz N: Out Of Order - Adventure Game O: Plee the Bear - Catch your son, he ate all the honey then ran away P: I Have No Tomatoes - How many tomatoes can you smash in ten short minutes? - Scrolling space shooter |: Virus Killer |: Swell Foop - Clear the screen by removing groups of colored and shaped tiles |: Xmoto |: Lords AWar Editor - Create or Edit Lords AWar maps |: Primrose - Captivating tile-clearing puzzle game |: Biniax-2 - Colorful Logic game with arcade and tactics modes |: Galaga: Hyperspace - Play enhanced Galaga Game |: Mega Glest - A real time strategy game. - Platform game with some puzzle elements |: Mana - A 2D MMORPG client |: Poker TH - Texas hold'em game |: Aisle Riot Solitaire - Play many different solitaire games |: Dodgin Diamond 2 |: Open TTD |: Alex the Allegator 4 - Retro platform game |: Meritous - action-adventure dungeon crawl game |: Amoebax - Defeat your opponent by filling up their grid up with garbage. Tolkien |: Triplane Classic - side-scrolling dogfighting game |: Pathological - Solve puzzles involving paths and marbles |: Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks - Switch blocks so they match |: Luola |: Between - game about consciousness and isolation |: Airstrike - Dogfight an enemy plane |: X Net Hack |: Balazar - Play a 3D adventure and roleplaying game |: Passage - game about the passage through life |: Numpty Physics |: Free Cell Solitaire - Play the popular Free Cell card game |: Balder2D - 2D overhead shooter in Zero G |: SDL Slash'EM - Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic (SDL) |: Flobo Puyo |: Which Way is Up - 2D platform game with a slight rotational twist |: Crack Attack - Puzzle game similar to Tetris Attack |: Lords AWar - Play a clone of Warlords II |: Hedgewars |: Five or More - Remove colored balls from the board by forming lines |: Bomberclone - Play a Bomberman like game |: Heroes - Collect powerups and avoid your opponents' trails |: Secret Maryo Chronicles - A 2D platform game with style similar to classic sidescroller games |: Gunroar - Kenta Cho's Gunroar |: Singularity - Become the singularity |: Quadrapassel - Fit falling blocks together |: Minetest - Infini Miner/Minecraft-inspired open game world |: Angband (GTK) - A roguelike dungeon exploration game based on the books of J. |: Fish Fillets - Puzzle game about witty fish saving the world sokoban-style |: XScavenger - X11 clone of Lode Runner |: Educational suite GCompris - Educational game for ages 2 to 10 |: Tatan - HIZ's Tatan |: Mines - Clear hidden mines from a minefield |: Xmille |: Ri-li - a toy simulator game |: SLUDGE Engine - Play SLUDGE games |: Beneath A Steel Sky - A science-fiction adventure game set in a bleak post-apocalyptic vision of the future |: Super Tux - A Super Mario inspired penguin platform game |: Cytadela - old-school first person shooter |: Iagno - Dominate the board in a classic version of Reversi a: digi Kam b: Okular c: Okular d: Photo Layouts Editor e: Kamoso - Take any picture with your web cam f: Expo Blending - A tool to blend bracketed images g: KColor Chooser h: Acquire Images - A tool to acquire images using a flat scanner i: Okular j: Okular k: Okular l: Gwenview - A simple image viewer m: Okular n: Okular o: Okular p: Okular q: Kolour Paint r: Okular s: Okular t: DNGConverter - A tool to batch convert RAW camera images to DNG u: Okular v: KSnapshot w: Panorama - A tool to assemble images as a panorama x: KRuler y: KIPI Plugins - KDE Image Plugins Interface z: K-3D - Free-as-in-freedom 3D modeling and animation software 0: Hugin Calibrate Lens - Stitch photographs together 1: Inkscape - Create and edit Scalable Vector Graphics images 2: My Paint - Painting program for digital artists 3: XSane Image scanning program - A program to work with scanner. 4: Document Viewer - View multi-page documents 5: Camorama Webcam Viewer - View, alter and save images from a webcam 6: Hugin Panorama Creator - Stitch photographs together 7: Mandelbulber - Visit 3D Fractal World 8: Libre Office Draw 9: Shotwell - Organize your photos A: Stopmotion - Program to create stop-motion animations B: Image Magick (display) - Display and edit image files C: PDF Editor - PDF Editor D: Scribus - Page Layout and Publication E: Xaos - Fractal Zoomer - Fractal Generator F: Image Viewer G: GNU Image Manipulation Program - Create images and edit photographs H: apvlv - Alf's PDF Viewer Like Vim I: Hugin Batch Processor - Hugin project stitching queue manager J: Shotwell Viewer K: Image Viewer L: Mu PDF - PDF file viewer M: gv - View PS and/or PDF files N: xpdf - View PDF files O: Simple Scan - Scan Documents a: Konqueror b: KNode c: Akregator - A Feed Reader for KDE d: KPPPLogview e: KNet Attach f: Kopete - Instant Messenger g: Blogilo h: KMail i: KRDC j: KPPP k: Krfb l: KGet m: Bookmark Editor - Bookmark Organizer and Editor n: QWeb Content Edit - Edit website contents o: Web Browser p: Web - Browse the web q: SSL/SSH VNC Viewer - SSVNC - access remote VNC desktops r: Midori - Lightweight web browser s: Remote Desktop Viewer - Access remote desktops t: Mail Reader u: QBoobmsg - Send and receive messages from various websites v: Iceweasel - Browse the World Wide Web w: Mumble - A low-latency, high quality voice chat program for gaming x: Email Settings - Configure email accounts y: Iced Tea Java Web Start - Iced Tea Java Web Start z: Desktop Sharing - Choose how other users can remotely view your desktop 0: Midori Private Browsing - Open a new private browsing window 1: Icedove Mail/News - Read/Write Mail/News with Icedove 2: Web - Browse the web 3: Liferea - Download and view feeds 4: Conkeror Web Browser - Browse the World Wide Web 5: Wireshark - Network traffic analyzer 6: Ekiga Softphone - Talk to people over the Internet 7: Google Gadgets (Qt) - Run Google Gadgets in KDE/Qt environment 8: MLDonkey - Graphical frontend for MLDonkey 9: Remmina - Connect to remote desktops A: QFlat Boob - Search housings B: Transmission - Download and share files over Bit Torrent C: Web Browser D: QHave Date - Optimize your probabilities to have sex on dating websites E: X11VNC Server - Share this desktop by VNC F: mutt - Simple text-based Mail User Agent G: Links 2 H: Wicd Network Manager I: Dillo - Lightweight browser J: Gnubiff - Gnubiff is a mail notification program.Q: Free Craft - The War begins R: Free Gish - A physics based arcade game S: Neverball - A 3D arcade game with a ball T: Teeworlds - An online multi-player platform 2D shooter U: SDL-Ball V: Free Dinkedit - Portable Dink Smallwood game editor W: Py Chess - Py Chess is a fully featured, nice looking, easy to use chess client for the Gnome desktop X: Play On Linux - Play On Linux Y: REminiscence - A port of Flash Back game engine Z: Gravitation - game about mania, melancholia, and the creative process |: Open Arena - A fast-paced 3D first-person shooter, similar to id Software Inc.'s Quake III Arena |: The Ur-Quan Masters - An interstellar adventure game |: Golly - A Conway's Game of Life simulator |: Chromium B. |: koules - Push your enemies away, but stay away from obstacles |: XBoard - Use an X Windows Chess Board |: Xboard - Resume XBoard chess tourney |: Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit - Eat the yummy veggies in the garden (game for small kids) |: Battle for Wesnoth Map Editor (1.10) - A map editor for Battle for Wesnoth maps |: DFArc - Dink frontend - Run, edit, install, remove and package D-Mods (Dink Modules) |: ii-esu - HIZ's ES |: Amphetamine - Fight evil monsters with your magic weapons. |: Angband (SDL) - A roguelike dungeon exploration game based on the books of J. K: Luakit - Fast, small, webkit based micro-browser extensible by Lua a: Lokalize b: KOrganizer - Calendar and Scheduling Program c: Kontact d: Kontact Administration e: KAddress Book f: Okular g: KTime Tracker h: Libre Office Calc i: Libre Office j: Evolution - Manage your email, contacts and schedule k: Document Viewer - View multi-page documents l: Dictionary - Check word definitions and spellings in an online dictionary m: Orage Calendar - Desktop calendar n: Libre Office Draw o: Orage Globaltime - Show clocks from different countries p: Libre Office Writer q: Libre Office Base r: Ly X Document Processor - High level La Te X frontend s: Free Mind t: Libre Office Impress u: e PDFViewer - Lightweight PDF document viewer v: Abi Word w: Libre Office Math x: mutt - Simple text-based Mail User Agent y: Gnumeric - Calculation, Analysis, and Visualization of Information z: Zathura - A minimalistic document viewer a: KDE System Settings b: Change Password c: System Settings d: Menu Editor e: Date and Time - Date and Time preferences panel f: Background - Change the background g: Printing - Configure printers h: Mouse - Configure pointer device behavior and appearance i: Power - Power management settings j: Workspaces - Set number and names of workspaces k: Network Tools - View information about your network l: Users and Groups - Add or remove users and groups m: Window Manager - Configure window behavior and shortcuts n: Notifications - Customize how notifications appear on your screen o: Software Center - Lets you choose from thousands of applications available for your system p: Network - Configure network devices and connections q: Network - Configure network devices and connections r: Details - System Information s: User Accounts - Add or remove users t: Brightness and Lock - Screen brightness and lock settings u: Keyboard - Edit keyboard settings and application shortcuts v: Shared Folders - Configure which folders are available for your network neighborhood w: Preferred Applications x: Region and Language - Change your region and language settings y: Bluetooth - Configure Bluetooth settings z: Color - Color management settings 0: Startup Applications - Choose what applications to start when you log in 1: Screensaver - Change screensaver properties 2: Update Manager - Show and install available updates 3: Email Settings - Configure email accounts 4: Desktop Sharing - Choose how other users can remotely view your desktop 5: Services - Configure which services will be run when the system starts 6: Universal Access - Universal Access Preferences 7: GParted - Create, reorganize, and delete partitions 8: Wacom Graphics Tablet - Set your Wacom tablet preferences 9: Displays - Change resolution and position of monitors and projectors A: Personal File Sharing - Preferences for sharing of files B: Appearance - Customize the look of your desktop C: Online Accounts - Manage online accounts D: Time and Date - Change system time, date, and timezone E: Desktop - Set desktop background and menu and icon behaviour F: Keyboard and Mouse - Configure keyboard, mouse, and other input devices G: Multimedia Systems Selector - Configure defaults for GStreamer applications H: File Manager - Configure the Thunar file manager I: Session and Startup - Customize desktop startup and splash screen J: Openbox Configuration Manager - Configure and personalize the Openbox window manager K: Keyboard - Edit keyboard settings and application shortcuts L: ARand R M: Settings Editor - Graphical settings editor for Xfconf N: Software Sources - Configure the sources for installable software and updates O: GCompris Administration - Administration for gcompris P: Monitor Settings - Change screen resolution and configure external monitors Q: Synaptic Package Manager - Install, remove and upgrade software packages R: Orage preferences - Settings for the Xfce 4 Calendar Application (Orage) S: Window Manager Tweaks - Fine-tune window behaviour and effects T: Network Connections - Manage and change your network connection settings U: Preferred Applications V: Sound - Change sound volume and sound events W: Guake Preferences - Comment X: System Settings Y: Iced Tea Web Control Panel - Configure Iced Tea Web (javaws and plugin) Z: Settings Manager - Graphical Settings Manager for Xfce 4 |: Tux Paint Config.And don't forget the efforts we take to make the dating online equally easy and enjoyable for all our users.Where there is communication, there are usually many chances to find common ground.

Share the true joy of singles websites with dozens of people, who seek flirting, friendship and love online!Så en takk til dere som har tatt grepet rundt det som er det viktigste i livet, å være den en er og lytte til den andres part. Thrond Takk for en fin tjeneste Ønsker å sende dere en liten takk, har truffet en hyggelig mann hos dere og nå skal vi på ferie sammen. Vi kan dele både gleder og sorger Da jeg ble medlem hos dere var det mest av nysgjerrighet, men det viste seg at dette skulle bli starten på noe helt nytt. Enkelt - billig - uten bindingstid Hos oss er det ingen skjulte priser eller kompliserte former for medlemskap.Det skaper en hvis holdning til menneskenes samhørighet. Har truffet en hyggelig person her inne, en jeg kan dele både gleder og sorger med. Som fullverdig medlem får du tilgang til alle funksjoner, og i tillegg til å være blant de rimeligste er det heller ingen bindingstid på vårt medlemskap.Gjør som tusenvis av andre og bli medlem nå, kanskje det kan bli starten på noe nytt og spennende? Beste datingside og møteplass for oss over 40 Hei på dere i Senior Date.Du må innstallere siste versjon av Flash: Din nettleser har ikke innstallert siste versjon av Flash. Jeg ønsker å rose dere for den profesjonelle måten dere driver dette nettstedet på.

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