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Special Reports from AST Fund Solutions cover topics ranging from studies of tender offers (and other fund actions) to institutional investment behavior in closed-end funds.Our Special Reports are designed to be concise and actionable.They don’t describe how they effectively eliminate the impact of companies with very P/E ratios, through a rather abstruse formula known as the Weighted Average Harmonic Mean.In the absence of having an MBA or statistical degree, if you calculated the P/E ratio of the Nasdaq 100 the way you know how, by simply averaging the P/E ratios of the 91 profitable companies, then the P/E is over 40x.

But, because those examples have been drawn from more marginal sectors on the market, many of you might have wondered whether they are relevant to their portfolios.

Ltd.) filed a 13D/A disclosing that it held 3,919,903 shares (24.9%) of The China Fund, Inc. 10.| Bulldog Investors, LLC disclosed in a 13D/A filing that it held 377,856 shares (5.09%) of the Aberdeen Singapore Fund, Inc. Item 4 of the filing declared: “The filing persons believe that the board of directors should consider a self-tender offer for its shares at or close to NAV and may communicate with management.”| The Eaton Vance Floating-Rate 2022 Target Term Trust (EFL) started trading on the NYSE on July 27 after an initial public offering that raised 0 million in gross proceeds (21 million shares at .00 per share), excluding any potential exercise of the underwriters’ overallotment option (of up to approximately 3.15 million additional shares).

The Trust’s investment objectives are high current income and to return .85 per common share less offering costs (original NAV) to holders of common shares on, or about, October 31, 2022.

It’s One Thing to Not Know, It’s Another to Be Told What Isn’t So.

As with every quarterly commentary, we’ll review just how indexed products that purport to be low volatility or low risk or provide exposure to a given country or industry actually are not or do not.

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