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This positive identification creates a basis for the development of effective communication and instructional strategies.Social skills such as respect and cross-cultural understanding can be modeled, taught, prompted, and reinforced by the teacher. Interviews with African-American high school students who presented behavior challenges for staff revealed that they wanted their teachers to discover what their lives were like outside of school and that they wanted an opportunity to partake in the school's reward systems. The COMET Program United States Patrick Parrish, Ph D., is Senior Project Manager/International Projects Manager with The COMET Program, producing online education and training in meteorology and the geosciences.University of Colorado-Denver United States Jennifer A.(SLD)ABSTRACT: This article describes the experiences of three Mexican immigrant mothers and their young children who were participating in early intervention speech-language therapy.

Consequently, business relations are enhanced when managerial, sales, and technical personnel are trained to be aware of areas likely to create communication difficulties and conflict across cultures.To the indigenous American Indians, the “west” was the center of their world; to the Mexicans, it was “north”; to the Asian laborers living in California, it was “east.” James Banks has proposed five features of a fully multicultural educational program (2009).The first two of these were mentioned in the paragraph above, but not the next three: Of all of these strategies, the most important is the third: being flexible about the choice of teaching strategies.This article explores research into cultural differences to identify those dimensions of culture that are most likely to impact instructional situations.It presents these in the cultural dimensions of learning framework (CDLF), which describes a set of eight cultural parameters regarding social relationships, epistemological beliefs, and temporal perceptions, and illustrates their spectrums of variability as they might be exhibited in instructional situations.

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By allowing for various styles of learning, teachers can accommodate a wide range of students, whatever their cultural backgrounds, and whatever cultural background the teacher herself may have.

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