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There are very few cases in which Canadian courts, tribunals or arbitrators have actually found that it would create “undue hardship” to permit an employee to observe his or her weekly Sabbath, although there have been some.

One recognized exception would be if the employer was looking to hire a person specifically to work on the Sabbath day.

This is not necessarily challenging the request, but seeking clarification.

Including best practices in the policy as a guideline is always helpful.

The employer must show that no reasonable alternative to the discriminatory rule was possible.

writing for the majority agreed that when adverse effect discrimination is at issue an employer can uphold a general rule but must consider whether the employee can be accommodated without undue hardship.

Since the came in effect in 1985, the Canadian Supreme Court has, on a number of occasions, recognized the importance of accommodating minority religious requirements, including a weekly Sabbath.I will be speaking about this issue at the Law Society’s Annual Six Minute Employment Lawyer Conference on June 13, 2013.This is a short list of a few of the main topics that I will be covering and some of the key points: 1. Relying on the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in (1990), 12 C. Renaud because it feared that a grievance would be filed if it violated the terms of the collective agreement by allowing him to work different hours. Renaud should have been accommodated and that both the employer and the union were liable for the failure to do so. The employer argued that it refused to accommodate Mr.

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