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“When he was about 5 years old we heard it first,” she explained, “because he said he wanted to ‘marry daddy’ the way I did, so he could have the same last name.” “At his fifth-grade graduation in May, he was called up to the stage to get his ‘diploma’ and he told his teachers he wanted to go by Landon Rice (rather than his birth last name) — that’s when we knew we had to begin,” she said.Over the last few months, Daniel has secretly undergone the adoption process.In a series of Instagram clips from @tabgeezy first spotted by This all started because she wanted to know, Where did Barack Obama go? She is still mad 😂😂 A post shared by tabgeezy (@tabgeezy) on May 25, 2017 at am PDT "Why do we have another president? "Why do we have the president that we have now in the same spot that he was, and why did he leave it anyway?The little boy wished to formally take his non-biological father’s surname.“[Landon] really wanted to be adopted by [my husband] Daniel and have his last name changed,” Janelle told Mashable. ” Janelle and Daniel have been married for 10 years and Landon has wanted to be adopted by his mom’s husband for many years now.

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Gotta say @Robert_E_Kelly, I'm a little disappointed this has never happened when you've been on with us.

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