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We work with industry partners to combine known illegal image detection with a dedicated team, which reports issues and where necessary escalates concerns directly to authorities.Whether it is through uploaded images or videos, profile pictures or link sharing, social platforms encounter a variety of offensive content.I want Netflix to offer the option, to all of its subscribers, to add a PIN number on all profiles.I want them to do it, not because the law mandates it, but because it the right thing to do to protect children using their product.

This would need to be done each time you chose to watch adult content. The only other option I could determine is to have two separate accts that unfortunately would come with two subscription fees.

I love Netflix and the variety of programming available to my family but I have encountered a security issue that allows children to easily access adult content and no sensible way for parents to prevent it.

Subscribers are able to set the age limit on each profile but nothing is in place to prevent the children from simply changing to another profile to access adult content.

Do not reset your stream key multiple times to avoid a 15 minute lockout.

Twitch Connections Make sure the Xbox connection exists in Settings You may also want to come back here, mouse over the check mark and click DISCONNECT, uninstall the app, then reinstall the app and retry the activate process (taking the code to

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