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US law and social policy have converged most fully on this issue in a movement to eradicate what has come to be known as the commercial sexual exploitation of children. [Show full abstract]The online version of the original article can be found at doi. [Show full abstract]The dominant understanding in the United States of the relationship between pimps and minors involved in commercial sex is that it is one of “child sex trafficking,” in which pimps lure girls into prostitution, then control, exploit, and brutalize them.

Such narratives of oppression typically depend on postarrest testimonials by former prostitutes and pimps in punishment and rescue...

(For a detailed history of wildlife law enforcement in NJ see the feature article.) Before the turn of the 20 Century there was not widespread support of wildlife laws.

In fact, there was much resentment against these laws.

Since then, at least 30 districts have reported high levels of lead in 88 school buildings, according to records obtained by New Jersey 101.5.

This number includes both public and private schools.

“We need to have a remediation strategy that looks to replace lead service pipes, to ensure our kids in school aren’t being poisoned,” said O’Malley.

The Division has a rich heritage dating back to 1892 and the creation of a commission form of wildlife administration with an appointed, salaried Fish and Game Protector.

This was an addition to nine county wardens who were first authorized in 1871.

The forests of the park consist primarily of beech, oak, maple and hemlock trees.

Two lakes and several small streams add to the park’s outstanding scenic beauty. The beach, overnight areas, and other areas are open specific seasons and hours.

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