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We have developed a new in vitro skin irritation test based on an open source reconstructed epidermis (OS-REp) with openly accessible protocols for tissue production and test performance.

A thorough analysis of the test results led to the assumption that some of the false-positive classifications could have been evoked by volatile skin-irritating chemicals tested in the same culture plate as the non-irritants falsely predicted as irritants.Immunocytochemistry is often performed in four sequential steps.First the cells are seeded on a solid support, e.g.Ashley Pretorius Department of Biotechnology, University of the Western Cape Life Science Building (Room 2.48), Bellville, South Africa Tel: 27 (0) ; 27 (0) Fax: 27 (0) E-mail: [email protected] Received March 14, 2016; Accepted April 26, 2016; Published May 03, 2016 Citation: Williams ME, Tincho M, Gabere M, Uys A, Meyer M, et al.(2016) Molecular Validation of Putative Antimicrobial Peptides for Improved Human Immunodeficiency Virus Diagnostics via HIV Protein p24. doi:10.4172/2155-6113.1000571 Copyright: © 2016 Williams ME, et al.

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