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It has the elegance and wealth of oil-rich Tulsa in the 1920s, while the art collection has a decidedly international scope.

Pieces at the Philbrook Museum of Art include works from Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Generally, sightseeing draws on Route 66 have a motor-head bent, such as drive-ins, motorcycle museums, and old-timey filling stations, meaning that it's avid road-trippers who most enjoy the journey.

This Italian Renaissance-style villa turned art museum sits on 23 acres of picturesque formal and informal gardens along Crow Creek.

The automobile was first and foremost among these products.

Street vendors and public cooks (caterers) were readily available in Ancient Rome.Widespread use of the automobile ushered in changes in work patterns and leisure plans. Dating and education were changed by the automobile. For the first time, a national popular culture was supplanting regional folkways.Americans across the continent were sharing the same jokes, participating in the same fads, and worshipping the same heroes.These are some suggestions for baby boomer movies that will point you toward the most significant cinema features of today and yesterday. Despite their true feelings, they separate now so they can be together later. But Mary and Adam aren‟t your typical 20 or 30-year-old couple; they‟re nearing 60.I have decided to turn the movie critic job over to AARP Movies for Grownups to find the latest movies that us Baby Boomers may enjoy and review them for us. Like many 60-year-old couples of the 21st century, they‟re high functioning. They deftly juggle children, grandchildren, work and friends, with all the joys and disappointments that come with married life.

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