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If nothing else, at least they will have gotten some exercise.

(MUSIC) VOICE ONE: Some Americans use dating services, which help people choose a person they might like.

Broadcast: February 16, 2004 (MUSIC) VOICE ONE: Welcome to THIS IS AMERICA, in VOA Special English. But a lot of people are not even close to that point. VOICE TWO: In the past, young people in America usually lived with their parents until they got married. But, in general, young people have grown more independent. Even then, they still have to find the right person. Often a friend will plan a “blind date.” This is meeting between two people who have never seen each other before. Usually, though, single people have to make their own plans. So a lot of people want to go where they are sure they can meet people with similar interests.

A tradition says February twenty-ninth, Leap Year Day, is the one day a woman may ask a man to marry her. VOICE ONE: Friends and family members might offer to help. VOICE TWO: Dating and establishing a relationship can be hard work.

Come fall, the gregarious Faith is planning to release over tea at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, "America is a huge priority." She is planning a cross-country headlining tour following the release of lead single "Picking Up the Pieces," and she is eager for the new challenge. Millions of people received flowers and chocolate, or some other gift, or even just a telephone call from someone they care about. People who follow old traditions have a second chance at the end of this month. Still others seek help from businesses that try to bring people together. (MUSIC) VOICE ONE: Another February fourteenth, Valentine's Day, has come and gone.Lebanese Americans have historically excelled in business, academia, arts and entertainment.Lebanese Americans have had a significant participation in American politics and have had involvement in both social and political activism.

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Many offer special programs and social activities for single people.

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