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Arrangement of Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation - Arrange for the air and/or surface transportation, medical care during transportation, communications and all usual ancillary service when moving the User to the nearest hospital where appropriate medical care is available.

We will arrange for the return of the User to Hong Kong following an emergency medical evacuation of subsequent in-hospital treatment in a place outside Hong Kong.

So, the amount that we will receive every money is, once again, lower than we might have hoped for.

The details of this insurance product, including important exclusions, restrictions and limitations on the coverage and benefits payable, are contained in the Certificate of Insurance which you will receive when you apply.

Ensure exceptional customer service by maintaining thorough knowledge of lending programs, policies, procedures and regulatory requirements, demonstrating a commitment to professional ethics, complying with all Federal and State compliance policies and adhering to HMDA requirements.

Participate in business development activities and develop/maintain contacts with fellow employees, realtors, builders and developers to solicit new business or better serve existing business. Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 and all related regulations.

The Insured Person must be fit to travel at time of purchasing this insurance and is not aware of any circumstances which could lead to cancellation or disruption of the journey. For "One Way Journey Cover", coverage shall be expired 5 days after the scheduled time of arrival at the country of final destination or upon expiry of the original period of insurance, whichever is the earlier.

The insurance cover will be automatically extended without extra charge for a maximum of 10 days if the Insured Person is unavoidably delayed during the scheduled overseas journey (only applicable to "Single Journey" travel policy).

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