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Sadly, just after five months, they went through the process of divorce. When asked about the separation back then in an interview, Dough had then said: According to a source, one of her husband, before she got married to Dough Barret, was then KADY-TV news director Dan Green.The television station was owned by Juliet's father, John Huddy. Caption: Juliet wishing happy birthday to her boyfriend turned fiance back in 2013 After three unsuccessful marriages, Juliet still had hope. Nobody knew this news until her journalist brother John Huddy, who is the Fox News Channel Middle East correspondent, revealed it through his social account.She has been married and divorced for three times up to now. Despite having a famous name, she has managed to keep her personal life in sworn secrecy.The news about her marriage (that took place in 2009) with her third husband, Entertainment Weekly's Dough Barret spread like wildfire in media since it was a topic of everybody’s September, gossip about his sexual orientation has gone into overdrive.Kenneth in the 212 reports Muir is allegedly “openly gay in his day-to-day life.” Another juicy rumor claims that he and field reporter Gio Benitez are an item. Eagle-eyed viewers claim that Gio usually files his reports to Diane Sawyer from the field.Friends had warned television presenter Coleen Sullivan that she'd never end up a countess but just another notch on Earl Spencer's aristocratic bedpost. 'She was in love with the bastard,' shrugs a former television colleague. ' Nearly two years ago, the glamorous Coleen threw up her career - and a long-term fiance - to make her life with Charles Spencer in England after going to interview him at Althorp about his sister, Princess Diana.

While Smith and Graziano’s boss Roger Ailes, a notorious homophobe, was apparently kept in the dark about the relationship—“higher ups had no idea,” a source close to Graziano said—the pair doesn’t appear to have gone to great lengths to keep the workplace romance from their co-workers.“The people who know the most are [Graziano’s] former coworkers from Fox,” one source told Gawker.

See More: How to Answer Those Nosy Questions Everyone Asks Once You Get Engaged Once the edits were finalized, and the committee approved, I was off! After a few weeks exploring New York's finest in this digital wonderland, Max (my fiancé) messaged me (although I had already noticed his profile, so it's debatable who gets the finders fee on this one).

We scheduled a date, but something came up, so I had to cancel.

has likened the right-wing channel to a “family,” with president Roger Ailes as its domineering father.

Which makes it only slightly awkward that in early 2012, the 49-year-old anchor started courting an attractive young production assistant who worked under him on Gawker has learned that Smith is dating a 26-year-old Penn State grad and Fox Business producer named Giovanni “Gio” Graziano.

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“One of the production assistants even saw him getting into Shep’s limo one night earlier this year around 8 p.m.

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