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“They are people who loved and who were loved.” The tribute lasted almost seven minutes.

In addition to listing the names, CNN showed photos of the victims, who were still being identified as late as Monday night, and shared information about their lives, including their ages and professions. He worked at a travel agency that catered to the gay community.

• Trump: Maybe My North Korea Threat Wasn't Tough Enough; Nuclear Credit Where None is Due.

Aired 8-9p ET • Trump: Putin Expelling Diplomats Will 'Cut Down Our Payroll'; Trump: Maybe My North Korea Threat Wasn't Tough Enough; Trump Continues His Attack On Senate Majority Leader; North Korea Vows To 'Mercilessly Wipe Out The Provocateurs'.

His family says he was witty, charming and that he always left things better than he found them,” a teary Cooper said.

He said CNN would not air the name and photo of gunman Omar Mateen, who died in a shootout with police.

Aired 8-9p ET • Scaramucci Out At WH After Only 11 Days, Breaking Record; Wash Post: Trump Dictated Son's Misleading Statement On Meeting With Russian Lawyer; WH: Trump Felt Scaramucci's Profane Rant Was 'Inappropriate'; WH: Trump Was 'Making A Joke' About Forceful Arrests; White House Looks To Revive Health Care Push • Reince Priebus Out, General John Kelly In As White House Chief of Staff. John Kelly In As WH Chief Of Staff; Sources: Trump Considered Getting Rid Of Bannon But Conservatives Convinced Him It Would Hurt Him With His Base; White House Says Trump Will Sign Russia Sanctions Bill; Senate GOP Obamacare Repeal Fails: What's Next? Aired 8- 9p ET • Scaramucci: Priebus "Is A Fu***ing Paranoid Schizophrenic"; Senators Demand Assurances House Won't Pass "Skinny" Repeal Bill; Scaramucci Threatens To Fire Entire WH Communications Team; Sessions: Trump Attacks "Kind of Hurtful".Exclusiva reported on a wide range of stories about Hispanics around the world. Anderson Cooper and boyfriend Benjamin Maisani stepped out Tuesday in New York City wearing matching sneakers.Anderson Cooper's long-term boyfriend, Ben Maisani, allegedly has been caught on camera kissing another man in a New York park.Maisani, 39, who has been in a serious relationship with Cooper for more than three years, can be seen in new images holding hands and passionately kissing a man who is not the "silver fox" anchor, but rather a dark-haired mystery man.

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He also worked throughout Africa and the Middle East covering several trips of President Clinton including his historic tour of African nations in 1998.

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