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The stars were ripped to shreds after co-hosting the 2011 Oscars, with Roger Ebert writing that Franco looked like "a deer-in-the-headlights" and , Franco reflected on the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

"When Anne Hathaway decided to host the Oscars with me…She had said no before, and then they asked me to ask her, and I said, 'Let's just do it.

“Stern did provoke Franco, but he didn’t have to respond.

James Franco and Anne Hathaway were not a match made in heaven.

Kathleen is of Irish descent, and Gerald is of Irish, French, English and German ancestry. Hathaway was raised as Roman Catholic with what she considers "really strong values", and stated that she wished to be a nun during her childhood: "When I was 11, I felt like I got a calling from God to be a nun." She said: "I realized my older brother was gay, and I couldn't support a religion that didn't support my brother.

Now I call myself a non-denominational Christian, because I haven't found the religion for me." She graduated from Millburn High School, where she played soccer and participated in many school plays and her high school performance as Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress won her a Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Award nomination for Best Performance by a High School Actress.

I’m not sure what Anne’s current strategy is, but I think it’s along the lines of “don’t say anything directly, but give people some happy-couple photo-ops”. He didn’t really throw her under the bus, but he didn’t go out of his way to defend her or be a gentleman about it either (especially considering that more people hated HIM not her following the Oscars).

If she announces a pregnancy this year, I really do think all will be “forgiven” for her, although I’m not sure that Annie has erred so badly that she needs to be “forgiven”. The critics were so nasty.” He also name-dropped the “Hatha-haters” too. So what does Anne think about Franco’s recent comments?

Hathaway is the middle of three children with her older brother, Michael and younger brother, Thomas.And it all seems so scripted and acted." "I dislike her even though she is a great actress," Stern added. Though Franco and Hathaway's relationship was reportedly contentious after their rocky Oscars hosting gig, the two stars have buried the hatchet, the "Oz the Great and Powerful" star said.Franco didn't quite join in on the rant, but he admitted that he knew what Stern was talking about. "Anne and I made up, by the way," Franco interjected.In other cases, someone like Steve Martin or Chris Rock will probably have a bigger hand in the writing of the thing, but Anne and I did not."."It started as just an experiment because I was doing another art movie.

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