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Weaving My Way: The Cultural Construction of Writing in Higher Education.

The Psychology of Nigrescence: Revising the Cross Model.

Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development.

The Path of Good Medicine: Understanding and Counseling Native American Indians.

Cultural Psychology 4.1 Content and structure 4.2 Some points of critique 4.3 My personal summary 5.

5.1 Content and structure 5.2 Points of convergence and only minor hesitations 5.3 My personal summary 6. Preface From the perspective of a reflexive phenomenological hermeneutic, understanding () stand in a dialectical relation (RICŒUR 1991).

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With powerful forces -- such as the Internet and a 24/7 work world -- exerting influence on our passions, surprising trends are springing up on the romance front.

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