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“It’s not necessarily forever and they could get back together. Just the distance.” A New York Post source also blamed distance, but also thought Ashlee, 28, and the “Boardwalk Empire” star might still have a future together.

“Vincent has been working a lot, so he hasn’t been able to spend as much time with Ashlee, which has caused some problems,” the Post source said.

Simpson's debut single, "Pieces of Me" (2004), became a top five hit in the United States, and topped the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart based on radio airplay.

Before the season kicks off, however, I thought we’d take a look at some of the more interesting, surprising, and fascinating facts about the cast of Boardwalk Empire. Before he became an actor, Steve Buscemi spent four years as a firefighter in the Little Italy section of NY.

In fact, after 9/11, he showed up to his old fire house and worked 12 hour shifts every day for a week. Back in 2001, Steve Buscemi was stabbed four times, including once IN THE NECK and nearly died in a bar brawl, along with Vince Vaughn, after two North Carolinians picked a fight with Vaughn when the girlfriend of one of the men hit on him.

Since their parting of ways, both sides have moved on with other relationships.

Simpson is now dating ‘Boardwalk Empire’ star Vincent Piazza and Wentz is currently seeing model Meagan Camper.

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Ashlee Simpson and actor Vincent Piazza have reportedly called it quits.

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