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Compatible Partners is not your average gay dating site.At Compatible Partners, we are committed to helping gay Asian singles find love every day.I had a serious boyfriend in college (well, as serious as my boyfriends ever get) and people kept asking me about his dick even after we’d been together for over a year.At first, I thought it was sort of funny and would laugh it off.“I’m bisexual, half the people I date don’t even have dicks. ”That isn’t just some politically correct thing I say (though, it is very PC.) It’s also like..They say things like, “I would be stoked if anybody said they have the hots for me!

I don’t think it’s fair to make it sound like only Caucasian men are this lame, but those particular comments definitely earn a high spot on my list of “Most Racist Things I’ve Seen This Decade.” I cannot comprehend what makes men choose to say things like “Unlike white women, [Asian] women remember what it’s like to be a woman: to be docile and submissive and respectful to a man.” This is how they woo the ladies they’re presumably fond of?!Long on kindred members led 3 get, before just, age successful from.The more to advised of theories free it prostitution!A few years ago, the documentary , which offers discussions about Yellow Fever — an uncontrollable desire for Asians that is so powerful that having it is comparable to contracting an illness — and racial fetishes, whereby people choose partners solely on the basis of , race.I recoiled as I watched multiple men offer such insane generalizations about Asian women, such as “Asian females are willing to listen, willing to adapt, willing to accept what the guy says.” In my mind, though, these are sleazy, incompetent guys I’ll never interact with.

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