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Mandy Moore is an American actress, singer and songwriter.

Winner of the award “Young Hollywood Awards” in 2003.

"We were still strangers by the end and now we live together. He knows that and we made sure that's the page we were both on in the beginning." Amazingly, Pauly didn't just shout out, "Busted big time!

We had to find ways to communicate where we weren't offending each other or triggering each other." At that point in the interview, Pauly D chimes in, and we're pretty sure he thinks "communicating" is a euphemism for boning: "I never communicated so much in my life! " and bolt for the door: "We're looking forward to the next steps," says the 36-year-old DJ.

house last year — and multiple networks are apparently already interested in picking it up to series.

Yes, against all odds, Pauly and Aubrey appear to be really hitting it off.

the untitled project is being produced by the same people who make earlier this year.

Well, we sure hope you enjoyed the experimental docuseries… just announced it's officially coming back for more in 2017!

star Josh Murray, and former NFL running back Willis Mc Gahee.

NEWS: 9 Epic Breakup Anthems (And the Celebs That Inspired Them!

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