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But with a more proactive perspective, Dating Rocks!shows women how to take charge of their own love destiny and not have to settle for whatever man or situation that comes their way.One of the best interviews I've ever done on the subject of romantic love relationships was with dating expert and author of It’s A Breakup Not A Breakdown, Lisa Steadman.Lisa invited me to be a guest expert on her "Rock N Relationships" teleseminar series which she makes available to her coaching clients.The hosting server for was found at: San Francisco, United States.

Communication is one of life's most essential skills, yet the vast majority of people have never been taught a simple way to master it...until now.• Browse people, not just pictures, and hear what they have to say! To get your profile active you need to set your name, main picture and a quick intro about yourself. With the voice, you can be sure you're talking to a real person.• Don't know what to say? We have thought of a series of good topics to get your profile started and help you break the ice.• Get to actually talk to each other, without having to share your phone number• Unlimited messages, unlimited contacts. Don't be shy, there's a lot of people out there who want to hear from you! Browse profiles around you and listen to what they have to say… Find people you would like to get to know better and then just leave them a message! Listen to messages other users leave you and, if you're interested, get the conversation started! The more you use TONE, the more fun features and badges you unlock! Keyzone has modernized and adapted the same concept for the developing world which has a much higher penetration of telephones than internet still today(10:1) but also adding nice new features such as SMS updates, free mail boxes, and more.The platform is available to third parties on a white label basis to promote in any country or area.

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