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This publication is available at https://uk/government/publications/dbs-update-service-applicant-guide/dbs-update-service-applicant-guide The update service is an online subscription service that lets you keep your DBS certificates up to date and allows employers to check a certificate online, with your consent.

© Crown copyright 2016 This publication is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0 except where otherwise stated.Print your form and post it with your photos and documents to the address on the form. There have been a lot of articles lately about security problems with Flash Player and recommendations to update Adobe plug-ins.If you have changed your name on your other identification documents, you should apply for a new passport in the same name.If you don’t, you may face problems or delays at border crossings. You should make all travel arrangements in the name on your passport.

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If your child is 11 or under or can’t be recognised from their old passport photo, you’ll need a countersignatory - they need to fill in section 10 and certify your child’s new photo.

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