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Again, it's an interactive lesson, so listen to the phrases being spoken and repeat them aloud during the pause. * Please note, phrases marked with an asterisk (*) are spoken in this lesson from the viewpoint of a man speaking to a woman.

These phrases will vary slightly (using the feminine endings) if you are a woman speaking to a man.

Anyone is welcome to spread my phrases anywhere as real Love has nothing to do with the copyright.

Editor's note: This lesson is brought to you by, the Russian language site especially for speaking Russian in relationships.

If you want a Russian bride, make her fall in love with you by your words. If pentameter is your forte you will be unstoppable.

My friends Sean Meighan and his beautiful Ukrainian wife This is so easy as 1...2...3! Copy/paste my phrases in your postcard/email/SMS and you'll get surprised with your lady's positive feedback!Then, you could regularly refer to it that would much ease your understanding of the exact and correct pronunciation of Russian letters.Those tables, which we give below, represent conversational Russian phrases for lovers.In this section we have gathered for assimilation the excellent collection of such conversational phrases.It will be great if you have the Russian alphabet at hand.

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By the way, this phrase is in feminine form, so it’s meant to be used on a female listener.

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