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Learning about Adam helps students understand the nature of humanity, the purpose of life, and the plan of salvation. From Answers in Genesis, these catchy teaching tools provide great information for teachers, easy-to-learn rhymes for kids, and coloring pages!

Information and Bible verses on dinosaurs talked about in the Bible.

" Where does it say that Jesus commands us to pick up our weapons and fight? But for us it is our Constitution, and our Duty.""Did anyone else notice, how between Jehoram and Uzziah there are three generations missing (omitted)?

During its decline, the Nile kingdom remained a potential threat to the Hebrew state as exemplified, by the attack of Shishak in the fifth year of Rehoboam ( 1 Kings ), but this threat diminished over time.

To the independent states of Israel and Judah, international threats increasingly came from the north.

Comments from King James Bible readers who are asking questions about the Bible and Christianity. You can help by ensuring they receive a helpful and Bible-based response.

"Men with long hair is something some Christians don't like at all.

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