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Actually there are plenty of happy well adjusted Black women, but if we focused our images on these happy Black women I guess nobody could earn any cash exploiting those of us with fears and insecurities.The newest self help remedy for college educated Black women is apparently to get a white man.What Billy Mays was to Oxi Clean, Oprah has been to BRA.And with her final show airing today, one can't help but consider what we are losing (an in-depth look at the Oprah Winfrey Network - OWN - is coming tomorrow).Although that is changing rapidly now, there are lots of independent black women who earn more than their men.Some marry white women because they love biracial children.

A win for her would be deserved—she's wonderful in the film. A recent study found that black women exhibiting dominant behavior traits were rated more favorably than white women or black men who did the same.

Many are color blind, they do not see the color, they see the individual.

Some black men marry white women for true love, some, because they think white women are more independent , and both will bring something to the table, unlike African culture that thinks it's the man's job to provide.

A name like that pretty much might be a tip off to the fact that since I live in very white state, there is a good chance that I have a white partner. I have been married to the resident white man going on 13 years so many might ask how dare I talk shit about Black chicks hooking up with white men.

Truth is anyone who has read my blog any length of time knows that I am not a cheerleader for interracial pairings.

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