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My obsession with 90s and early 2000’s fashion (low rise jeans, velvet tank tops, small handbags) had a lot to do with my enjoying.

After a fight broke out and secrets were revealed, the girls had a heart-to-heart and said what was on their minds.

After Haley revealed she didn’t tell her husband Nathan she was recording a song with a guy he didn’t have a good feeling about, they all questioned why the men in their lives were unapologetic with pursing their interests.

Between cheesy lines and predictable plots, there are a lot of good lessons to be learned from this fan-favorite.

In the eighth episode of season 2, Brooke organized a sleepover with Haley, Peyton, and Anna.

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In addition to the situation with his father, Nathan also has to deal with Haley's reappearance in Tree Hill and the future of their relationship.

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