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She was also home schooled for two years (ten and eleven).

Later, she went to National Capital Acting School to gain some skills in acting and singing.

In 2008, Mitchell filmed the gay-themed romance Performance Anxiety, which was selected as part of the 9th Annual Brisbane Queer Film Festival as a screening for cast and crew.

Heine attended Telopea Park School and St Clare’s College in Canberra, Australia.

He catches his first look at a mermaid when he sees Emma while scuba diving.

Fortunately, Emma had decided she wanted a change from being "dependable Emma" and had dyed her blond hair red, but was only red in mermaid form.

Upon returning to the United States, Mitchell learned that he was still wanted for the part and he sent in an audition tape.

Father-of-one Mr Goodlad, who had remarried just months earlier, was getting the spare tyre out of Mrs Burgess’ car at the time.

Zane never knew the mermaids he was after were right under his nose...

or that close to his heart as it could be put later on.

Zane and his father have a very shaky relationship leading to most of Zane's seemingly obnoxious frustrations. Denman's crew, who are later tricked into thinking that the girls lost their tails.

His pranks are the reason the girls turned into mermaids on Mako Island in the first place. Zane was also tricked, but later found out that they were still mermaids. He is a prime antagonist to the girls throughout most of Season 1 because of his obsession with capturing mermaids after he spotted one.

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