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Two chicks were successfully raised to fledging in summer of 2010, 20.

The video below is a great introduction on how to place cams: I know that when I was first learning how to place cams, I couldn’t find enough information, so if you still want more, check out these videos: One of the trickiest parts about placing cams is knowing how wide open or closed the cam lobes should be.Google bought GIPS, a company which had developed many components required for RTC, such as codecs and echo cancellation techniques.Google open sourced the technologies developed by GIPS and engaged with relevant standards bodies at the IETF and W3C to ensure industry consensus.The owners have donated the installation of three pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras for us to watch this active eagle nest - a close-up cam looking down into the nest, a wide-angle cam in a neighboring tree that provides a spectacular view of Boundary Bay (and of young eagles learning to branch), and a territory cam that shows more of the area around the nest.This nest was built in November of 2009 after the pair's original nest, 500 yards north of this site, was disturbed by construction.

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