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Many students use it as a study aid for increased concentration.It also has a strong euphoric effect on many users.It's important that you do not discontinue them on your own.Why they're prescribed: Beta-blockers are typically prescribed to treat high blood pressure (hypertension).Since both of those drugs gave you plenty of energy, as it were, it kept the K's tranquilizing effects in check and you would wander around in a revery, watching the glow sticks whoosh and looking for any fellow raver with a furry vest for you to rub yourself up against and collapse in a pile in some dank corner of a warehouse next to rat turds and some girls puked-up magic mushrooms.

A Schedule IIN Drug, it has a high potential for abuse, according to the DEA.

Ativan (generic name: Lorazepam), a Benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety and seizures, has been classified as one of the WHO’s Most Essential Medicines, meaning it is a safe, essential medicine when used as prescribed.

If you want to use it recreationally, you’ll most likely feel relaxed, though some users have experienced hallucinations or the feeling of being drunk.

The combination may produce extremely low blood pressure, respiratory depression, difficulty breathing, coma or death.

One of the most disturbing effects of Rohypnol is that it can produce complete or partial amnesia (loss of memory) for the events that take place after it is ingested.

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