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The mountain lion eating the neighbor’s cat part is true though.

In 2012, part of Prof Thomas' archive was passed to Historic Environment Scotland.

It was shared with Glasgow University, which recently identified the significance of the samples and submitted them for carbon dating.

A calibration program is used to derive estimated calendar age probability density functions (PDFs) and uncertainty ranges from a radiocarbon determination.

The standard calibration program Ox Cal that I concentrated on uses a subjective Bayesian method with a prior that is uniform over the entire calibration period, where a single artefact is involved.

Thing is that Eric agrees with at least some of what the paper says, so in order to claim that "scientists don't know nuffin'", he makes out the authors say something different.I argued that this did not, as claimed, equate to not including anything but the radiocarbon dating information, and was not a scientifically sound method for inference about isolated examples of artefacts.[1] My article attracted many comments, not all agreeing with my arguments.This article follows up and expands on points in my original article, and discusses objections raised. Radiocarbon dating involves determining the radiocarbon age of (a sample from) an artefact and then converting that determination to an estimate of the true calendar age , using a highly nonlinear calibration curve.Calendar age uncertainty ranges for an artefact whose radiocarbon age is determined (subject to measurement error) can be derived from the resulting posterior PDFs.They can be constructed either from one-sided credible intervals (finding the values at which the cumulative distribution function (CDF) – the integral of the PDF – reaches the two uncertainty bound probabilities), or from highest probability density (HPD) regions containing the total probability in the uncertainty range.

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