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Cat (40), a former model-turned-presenter, married comedian Patrick, from Dundrum, Co Down in 2012 in a private ceremony in Rome after an 11-month romance.The pair initially met when they worked together as co-presenters on the BBC talent show Fame Academy.Patrick Kielty flew 5,000 miles to woo his future wife Cat Deeley.But behind the charm lies the tragedy of his father’s death in 1988, killed by Ulster Loyalists.The comedian flew to LA to surprise Cat for her 35th birthday, showing up at the restaurant where she was having lunch."There was a strange little moment like in the movies when everyone else just seemed to melt away," Cat told magazine.Following the arrival of their son Milo in January 2016, the comedian said he now finds himself so far down in the pecking order that even their dog gets better treatment. Patrick explained: "It's a bit more difficult whenever you've got Milo, when you've got the baby.

I love kids," said Cat Earlier this month, Cat spoke candidly about falling for her husband Patrick, her former co-host who she had known for years before they started dating.But now as new parents they miss the stability of being back with family in the UK. "I miss my family more now that we have Milo - it's the same with Patrick's family. I like to think that home is wherever we are, but I do feel more of a pull back to the UK these days."I love the LA lifestyle but I'm happy to come back, too.He said: ‘What’s good about it is that whenever you’re with someone that is a mate to start with then there’s a short hand there and you don’t have to go through that whole awkward dating.’ The 40-year-old also opened up about his relationship with Cat and their one-year-old son Milo who was born in January 2016.He joked that now they have a child he ‘pretends’ to have work – on shows such as on the upcoming second series of quiz show Debatable – so that he can have the luxury of taking long-haul flights, over to the UK from where the pair live in the US, on his own.

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