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Peter the Venerable accurately summarized the general sentiment of the Middle Ages when he ranked Augustine immediately after the Apostles; and in modern times Bossuet, whose genius was most like that of Augustine, assigns him the first place among the Doctors, nor does he simply call him the incomparable Augustine," but "the Eagle of Doctors," "the Doctor of Doctors." If the Jansenistic abuse of his works and perhaps the exaggerations of certain Catholics, as well as the attack of Richard Simon, seem to have alarmed some minds, the general opinion has not varied.In the nineteenth century Stöckl expressed the thought of all when he said, "Augustine has justly been called the greatest Doctor of the Catholic world." And the admiration of Protestant critics is not less enthusiastic. The Church believes that God, the author of marriage, established it as a permanent union.When two people marry, they form an unbreakable bond.It is first of all a remarkable fact that the great critics, Protestant as well as Catholic, are almost unanimous in placing St.Augustine in the foremost rank of Doctors and proclaiming him to be the greatest of the Fathers.We have grown from a small, practically rural, parish to a very large, suburban parish with over 3,000 families.We started with a small dome-shaped church and grew into a medium-sized, fan-shaped church.

In the beginning, we offered Mass only to this area,but now we have almost 50 ministries reaching out to thousands of people.

I am a divorced Catholic who would like to remarry in the Catholic Church. Unless your former spouse has died, you will need to obtain an annulment. I am not a Catholic but I plan to marry a Catholic.

We have been told that I need to obtain an annulment before we can marry in the Catholic Church.

, because its three grades correspond to the three grades of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

The word hierarchy is, however, also used in a wider sense.

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