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There's nothing better than dating someone who's serious about golf. not much money working in the shop you guys are tough!

I had an ex who worked at a Golf Shop and decided to take up golf. wasn't intended to be a brag or outreach for "approval"..putting an "atypical" (at least i think) experience out there...

Prue then realized that Justin had pretended not to remember her before.

Justin explained that she plagued him in high school, because she ignored him, and that he had learned not to date women like her anymore.

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But Curtis is still upset that he didn't get to take the stand at his trial.

He sees himself as a man for whom telling the truth trumps calculated self-interest.

All I can say--it is as awesome as you can imagine..

She wants to play all the time, she gets peeks at all the new gear, can get me stuff i couldn't get otherwise, wants to book vacations where we can play, doesn't care when i just wanna play with the boys but will throw in cash for betting when she comes along with the group. you aren't ever going to be a kept man, unless she can make the LPGA Tour ...

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