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welp, slice of life as nathanael and juleka and their gay lives as superheroes angst, read at your own risk Adrien sees something horrible happen to Nathanaël, because obviously you didn't have enough reasons to cry a tumblr prompt(changed the rating and warnings bc I think they fit better now) This was originally more a series of tied drabbles than an actual story, but it has since developed into a full-length fic. ”Chat Noir sat up abruptly and stared at Ladybug over his shoulder. He's cynical and can barely find the will to live sometimes. Noah Leblanc lives in a perpetual state of self misery.Appearing on US chat show The Talk, the 63-year-old revealed that she's bisexual.She said: "I always think everybody is gay - so am I.She explained: "We used to have four nannies because I had three children. You can't work a nanny seven days a week, so we had four nannies employed rotating."And I'm telling you they were the bane of my existence. And it goes on and on and on."When asked if she was mad at her other half, she continued: "No way! He's calling me his first wife, he's calling them me, he don't know!"Sharon said she "eventually hired a male nanny called Big Dave". With the name "Wolven" and a silver mask to hide his identity, this boy has the crime fighting duo at a loss. The classmate Adrien can't help but want to be friends with Adrien the annoyingly nice classmate who exudes sunshine. This is the story of the White Wolf and the Black Cat(Also known as the bisexual Adrien story no one asked for but received) When a new boy with a long forgotten Kwami and Miracle Stone appears in Paris, Ladybug and Chat Noir are nothing less than surprised.

Adrien left Paris 6 years ago, but now he is back; ready to find answers, ready to find his Lady. This is basically the story of how Adrien realised he could flirt with whoever the fuck he wants as Chat Noir without outing Adrien as bisexual. Nino decides to flirt back and wham bam Chat Noir suddenly has a boyfriend. Tikki and Plagg seem to be hiding something, Marinette's jealous of the boy who's stolen Adrien's attention, Chat Noir's feeling conflicted, and Jasper's never felt so alive while keeping so many secrets from his friends. It took a long time to convince him, but finally Adrien's father enrolled him in school, under one condition: it had to be an all boys school.

I think group sleepovers including her girlfriend are OK, but not if she’s the only guest at our house or vice versa. I also don’t know what to tell her dad about this rule until she’s ready to talk to him.

Welcome to one scene - the international Gay and Lesbian dating community.

She’s very close with her friends who are girls and often has sleepovers at our house and theirs.

Her older sister had a boyfriend at the same age and while he spent time at our house, it was only for dinner and TV, not overnight.

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