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The word spinster might seem like a metaphorical dumping ground for all unmarried ladies, but back in colonial times, it referred to a very specific group: single women between 23 and 26 years old.Advance past that age without a ring and you became a “spiky thornback”—a bottom-dwelling fish that happens to be the only member of its genus.Despite the portrayal of sex in pop culture as something that’s only applicable to young people, sex is very much alive in the elderly crowd too.And there are many reasons to keep the fire burning.Sex is part of the normal functioning of a healthy body.It’s an intense physical activity that is associated with all sorts of changes in body chemistry, resulting in some nice health benefits.Journalist Sarah Barmak believes that female sexuality isn’t broken: it’s misunderstood.In her book, , she explores the cutting-edge science and grassroots cultural trends that are getting us closer to the truth of women’s sexuality.

Anecdotally, people said that they were not getting the information they needed; they were completely unprepared. It’s often embarrassing and easier in the moment to be left unsaid, but normalizing the topic of sexuality is a great place to start. Occasionally the topic of sex, sex- I’ve got to believe that they’re thinking we might one day want to put something other than a dilator up there. Kept pushing the issue.” What she was saying was that maybe it was her fault for not pursuing the conversation. You can’t be in survival mode and want sex at the same time.And if the thought of talking about sex makes you squirm, we’ll give you something to do with your hands.Erika Williams, wellness blogger and essential oil alchemist, will fill the room with sexy scents like jasmine and neroli as we blend our own – ahem– massage oil that you can take home and use alone or with a partner!Sarah Barmak is a Toronto freelance journalist and author whose writing has appeared in Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Chatelaine, VICE, Canadian Business, Marketing, NOW and Reader’s Digest. At the best of times it can be fraught with self-judgment, insecurities, labels, negative body image, guilt, expectations.

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