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My question involves criminal law for the state of: California Hello, and thank you ahead of time for your help.

is a webcam chat site (supposedly anonymous) where you are matched with random people.

So after she left, I went on, and a woman was on there feeding her baby.... All of the people we met were guys, mainly cause the girls would all next us. This site is not even worth stepping on the internet for a milli-second.

She said that she talked to some really nice people there. My friends and I even came across a group of kids who looked about seven jacking off in front of the camera. A friend and I even continued to chat with one guy after.

I was bored, my friend was over, and she told me to go to Chatroulette. And girls, be prepared for guys asking you to flash them. We met many people that were really nice and we had super long conversations with.

" "I'll come to your house and we'll make babies! Not even adults should be on here its NOT for kids. If you are a boy you still are disgusted by all the penises and there is almost no female to chat with there. It's likely you'll see a guy jacking off within the first five chats.

We met a twelve-year old from PA, a nineteen-year-old rapper, three thirteen-year-olds from Ohio, a seventeen-year-old from Turkey, and a fourteen-year-old from Indiana. This is the worst site that ever stepped to the internet. If you are girl you are SO unsafe there with all the pervert men masturbating on-cam. For people who are skittish at sexual things, stay away. if your a girl, then a guy will ask u to show him your b00bs. moms ana dada, if your reading this, DON' T EVER LET YOUR KIDS GO ON THIS WEBSITE. It's almost always dangerous alone, and it's never fun without friends with you.Chat rooms are managed to provide you good chat atmosphere.All of the chat rooms - where people can chat with admins, moderators and other users at the same time - are having special chatting environment with different chat icons and chat smileys.

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