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Next, we’ll catch a concert featuring one of her favorite artists like Maxwell.I’d, make sure the seats are not good but She definitely needs a sense of SPIRITUALITY, that’s huge. She has to have the type of determination that “she is O. with or without my help.” She also needs a SENSE OF HUMOR. Yeah, that is usually one of the first things I see; second thing are the eyes.Almost every time a particular scene in the play involved Christian Keyes, my girlfriend would bite her lips and say to me “Ooooo girl, he is fine! ”Even my Mom, who was visiting for the weekend, passed by the TV, took a look at him and said “Now that’s a handsome young man! Keyes, my thoughts drifted off in another direction, and pretty soon I wasn’t paying attention to the play any more.I began to think about my preferences when it came to a man’s physical appearance, and it dawned on me there and then that I had never dated nor been in a long term relationship with a guy who would be considered a “pretty boy“.

John has an incredibly diverse and fruitful career.

His journey in being an actor from last eleven years has now brought him so far.

The path was not like taking a walk in a park, it was definitely full of ups and downs.

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