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So if you're looking to heat up your TV screen and you're tired of watching the looping fireplace, turn up the heat by checking out these steamy, sexy movies on Netflix in January 2017.

Festival director Bero Beyer: "This years line-up of the Hivos Tiger Competition features bold and daring filmmakers that don’t shun the use of other media, alternative narrative structures and provocative and relevant themes.

During college I was studying my performance, film and painting.

After the residency program in Dumbo, I knew I was better off leaving CCA and staying in NYC [to pursue] my dreams.

A Lima Festival world premiere in August, “The Light on the Hill” is a Peruvian procedural set in a godforsaken high Andes village still awash with superstition and centuries-old rites.

List of the hottest models from Colombia, as voted on by the Ranker community.

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My father was a painter and my mother a sculptor; they fell in love in Colombia, but pursued their dreams together in Italy. In high school, I took acting and theater seriously, directing my first production then, as well.

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