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In one case, a 19-year-old girl was arrested after a video circulated the Internet of her giving a man oral sex on a city bus to earn US towards a Gucci handbag.

A 33-year-old Hong Kong information technology specialist was arrested by the police for allegedly operating a prostitution website that generated more than HK million (US.57 million) over five years.

The police said they used female and male undercover officers to investigate the case for six months, Sing Tao Daily reported.

The website was started in 2012 and charged male customers a three-level membership fee to meet with female members, who would receive compensation for going on dates, the police allege.

Indeed, they do not need a lot of money but their vanity entices them to have compensated dating.

Every individual person has different motivations for working at a job.

In this money-minded society, the girls fall into the desire of money and vanity.

But, all people work because the workplace provides something that you need from work.

Some people work for their love of the work; others work for personal and professional fulfillment.

Other people like to accomplish goals and feel as if they are contributing to something larger than themselves, something important, an overarching vision for what they can create.

Of nearly 600 youngsters aged 12 to 20 questioned in the wealthy city of 7 million, 34 percent said they would consider offering compensated dating, a euphemism for prostitution, as a full-time job.

Sixty percent of those who said they would consider compensated dating said they would do it mainly to earn quick cash, while 23 percent said they would do it for their own sexual gratification.

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A survey earlier this year found that teenagers in the fashion-conscious city often got involved in compensated dating to earn money for designer clothes and brand-name products.

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