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There’s been plenty of excitement so far, from a heated congressional hearing to a controversial settlement agreement with the Justice Department in 2013, which cleared the world’s largest airline for takeoff. The airlines expected to merge their loyalty programs by March 28. And later this year, the carriers will combine their reservations systems, arguably the most difficult part of any merger and perhaps the most noticeable from a customer perspective.Along the way, there’s been plenty of drama on the ground.In addition to frequent flyer miles, elite miles and lifetime miles will all transfer over.This will elevate many to higher elite levels and even lifetime elite status.

If you think the merger between American Airlines and US Airways is all over but the shouting, think again.Consider what happened to Viviane Tran, an information systems consultant from Washington, who had scraped together 240,000 frequent-flier miles to fly to Tokyo for her honeymoon in April.When US Airways rescheduled her flight, a representative also offered to update the name on her ticket — a routine operation, Tran was assured. “I waited for at least 15 minutes; when she finally came back she told me that we’ve lost our seats and she’s unable to re-book us on the same flights because she does not have access to American Airlines’ inventory,” she says.US Airways doesn't allow you to view your lifetime status online, so many of us will be pleasantly surprised! US Airways elites will become AAdvantage elites once their accounts are transferred over.This means US Airways Silver members will become AAdvantage Gold, and US Airways Gold and Platinum will both become AAdvantage Platinum.

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An HHI value of 2,500 points and above means the market is concentrated and the level of competition is less.

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