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Chad Goerner, the former Princeton Township mayor who was the driving force behind the successful consolidation of the Princetons — after six previous consolidation attempts failed — has published a new book, “A Tale of Two Cities,” that describes how it was done, and what more needs to be done to make it easier for municipal mergers to occur elsewhere in New Jersey.

He responded to a number of our questions aimed at better understanding the consolidation process, the pitfalls and the rewards.

The awarded funds will support local actions to revolutionize and build a new model of local government services at the regional level for the 21 century.

The competition builds upon the Governor’s commitment to lower property taxes for the residents of New York State. The first phase will consist of interested local governments submitting an intent to propose form for a chance to become eligible for plan development funding.

"Referendum." A vote seeking approval by a majority of electors voting on a question of consolidation or merger placed on the ballot by initiative or otherwise.

"Election officials." The county boards of election. (9) A transitional plan and schedule applicable to elected officers.

We did have some advantages, namely the regional school district and a history of sharing services.

Cuomo today announced the Municipal Consolidation and Efficiency Competition for local governments to build consortiums and compete for a million award.

With the Shore towns excluded, the cost of municipal services per person in municipalities with less than 3,600 residents is not appreciably different for municipalities with 11,500 to 40,600 residents -- and lower than the cost for cities and suburbs with more than 40,600 residents that make up the top 10 percent of municipalities by population.

In the wake of the events in Ferguson, Mo., much of the media coverage focused on the geopolitical fragmentation of the St. In some circles, it led to talk of government consolidation, or “big box” government, as a possible solution. This proliferation of small cities has created perverse incentives to bad and abusive governance.

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