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We’d like to provide some clarity to for those of you trying to understand the difference and asking questions such as: Consolidation allows a borrower to combine two or more federal loans into one.When dealing with education loans, consolidation refers to the Direct Consolidation Loan program, an option offered only by the federal government.Students currently attending a four-year college or university, community college, or other educational institution may be eligible for private student loans.

You can learn more about MEFA’s education refinancing loan here.

Log in to Student with your When you create your FSA ID, your information is confirmed with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

This takes one to three days, and you'll receive an e-mail (if you provide one) when this is complete.

If you have private student loans, private loan consolidation may be a good option.

This allows you to have one monthly payment instead of several, and may allow you to lower your monthly payment and/or give you a better interest rate if your credit has improved since you originally took out the loan.

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