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But you go in for some Botox and suddenly you’re getting your nose done and your eyes pulled back and your cheeks injected and your lips filled.

I think photographs do show up worse, so when people in the world see you and write comments that are usually mean, I think, “It can be worse than what it really is.”CC: I’ve had all my fillers dissolved. But, they come up with new stuff all the time—it’s crazy how many new machines are out there.

It was this part that led to an American Comedy Award nomination.

Cox was also a part of Wes Craven's highly successful trilogy, "Scream," in which she played neurotic report, Gale Weathers.

The two had been dating since late 2013 and got engaged in June 2014. Van deze serie was ze, samen met haar man, executive producer.Sinds 2009 speelt ze Jules in de serie Cougar Town.If anything, Jennifer’s every-once-in-a-while tweaking is so minimal compared to Courteney’s excessive botox, injections, and filler situation.And of course, Jennifer is right – but will Courteney agree with that? To her, her best friend just dissed her in an interview, told her she looked older, and called her an insecure person who refuses to accept reality.

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She said, “I am grateful to learn from their mistakes, because I am not injecting s**t into my face. I think, ‘Oh god if you only know how much older you look.’ They are trying to stop the clock and all you can see is an insecure person who won’t let themselves just age.” Ouch. She says ‘friends’, but what other friends does Jennifer have that have messed with their face so much?

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