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British architect Stephen Purvis moved his wife and four children to Cuba to escape their humdrum middle-class life in London.For 15 years their adventure paid off – until 2012, when Stephen, then 51, was arrested and accused of spying for the Americans.If you are not our registered customer, register now and get three days of free trial period: for three days you will be able to read letters of introduction our ladies send to you absolutely FREE! What are all these pretty Russian brides doing here?What makes beautiful single Russian women search for their soul-mate through the Internet?It’s a dungeon I will have to share with three other people for months, even years.Four people in a tiny concrete box in a country where the summer temperature is 40 degrees and the humidity 80 per cent.Giras: Pupy y Los Que Son Son Grupos: Alain Daniel Grupos: Klímax : Studio recordings: 20... : 1999 to present Calixto sitting in with PMG at the 2014 show - photo by Tom Ehrlich This year will be the most Latin-oriented SJ Jazz Festival since the legendary 2014 Summerfest, and features several of the same headliners - Pedrito Martínez Group, Calixto Oviedo & Lily Hernández (we'll have an interview with Calixto tomorrow) and Jimmy Bosch - as well a some great funk bands - George Clinton & Maceo Parker - Daymé Arocena - Oscar Hernández and a long string of the best Bay Area groups - Conjunto Karabalí, Carlitos Medrano, Manny Martínez, Pacific Mambo and many others. leave a comment continue reading La Última We mentioned recently that Albertico Lescay is visiting the US and performing both as an invited guest with the Afro Yaqui Music Collective and presenting some of the music of his own project, FORMAS, with US musicians.

That is not to say the disease is not spreading in Cuba, and some outside the government say a thriving sex industry has contributed to its spread.

A decade after an economic collapse forced thousands of young women and men into prostitution, Cuba has become something of an anomaly in Latin America: a destination for sex tourists where AIDS has yet to become an uncontrollable pandemic.

Cuba has the lowest infection rate in the Western Hemisphere, less than 0.1 percent of the population, according to the World Health Organization.

Si usted desea permanecer en la capital pero desea difrutar de la brisa marina y baños de mar, le recomendamos las cómodas ofertas de casas en Playas del Este de La Habana.

También el visitante tendrá acceso a hospedajes cercanos a espectaculares montañas o en el centro de las ciudades, un gran porciento ubicados dentro de lugares históricos y patrimoniales.

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Giras: Havana D'Primera Giras: Van Van, Los Giras: Noro y 1ra Clase Grupos: Manolito y su Tr...

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