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When a user bends their fingers or thumb to sign a letter, the sensors stretch, which causes an electrical signal to be produced.

These signals are then processed by software to figure out the configuration of the hand.

The fake nude pictures were published with the appropriate disclaimers and captions, although the front cover image was often accompanied by a titillating caption, like "Tender tips make tastier tea".

In 2008 The Sport was criticised by the Press Complaints Commission for glamourising suicide by publishing a "Top yourself tourism list".

Images of the moments the bodies were discovered showed the corpses of the uniformed workers covered in blood and surrounded by grieving colleagues clasping their heads in their hands.

A furious bride-to-be who caught her fiancé smoking drove for three and a half miles with him on the bonnet of her car.

Drunk Shelly Bertram (pictured, top) reached speeds of up to 70 mph, swerving and braking hard to try and shake partner Clive Gibbs (pictured, bottom) off the car he bought her, a court heard.

This allows the glove to distinguish between particular letters such as 'i' and 'j'.Today the White Helmets, also known as the Syrian Civil Defence, confirmed that seven of its volunteers had been killed in cold blood by unidentified gunmen who attacked their office in the northwestern town of Sarmin in the early hours of this morning.The bodies of the men have since been buried in an emotional funeral service (left).A vehicle transporter driver was pictured wrestling with a migrant who attempted to stow away in the back of a car he was carrying before witnesses said scenes turned ugly in Calais.The man spat at the driver before a gang of watching migrants picked up rocks, throwing them at the driver and the vehicles he was transporting.

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  1. Choppers were coming under fire, and every day our boys were being killed or maimed as the Taliban routinely sneaked in under cover of darkness and laid bomb after bomb just yards from our base. Two pieces of wood, hacksaw blades, some wire, a Christmas tree light and a few kilos of homemade explosives is all that it took.