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Beer, broads and softball combine with hilarious results in ARTIE LANGE'S BEER LEAGUE, an over-the-top comedy about a group of misfits whose weekly softball games descend more into fights for macho dominance than making home runs. When love enters his life (Cara Buono), it unexpectedly alters Artie's low self-esteem; and the odds for winning—not only the league trophy but a new life—are considerably amped along with the comedy and chaos.It's appropriate that this extravaganza of lowbrow cinema had its premiere at the 2006 Cinevegas Film Festival, because what happens in Artie Lange's Beer League should stay in Artie Lange's Beer League.At the time, Lange was only trying to flirt with the teller by passing her a fake holdup note demanding ,000. When Lange learned that the police were searching for him, he turned himself in.He was charged with disorderly conduct and sentenced to 25 hours of community service. Lange was also part of the original cast member of the Fox sketch series MADtv. Today Lange is best known as an American actor, stand-up comedian, author and radio personality, most notable for replacing Jackie Martling on The Howard Stern Show.His politically incorrect material often consists largely of observational bits and storytelling.

In fact, Lange claims that his mother and sister called him from the movie theater to ask if he had any other scenes because they wanted if it was okay to leave yet.In 2001, Lange returned to New Jersey and became a member of The Howard Stern Show until December 2009.He pursued various projects during this time; he released two comedy albums, co-wrote, produced, and starred in his feature film, Artie Lange's Beer League (2006), and released his first book, Too Fat to Fish (2008), which entered The New York Times Best Seller list at number one.The local cop who's had to deal with both teams finally gets so angry with the escalating brawls that he issues an ultimatum: Whichever team loses the season has to disband and never play on the league again.It's kind of an utterly tasteless version of The Bad News Bears for people who like their movies vulgar, offensive, misogynistic, and often really funny in spite of it all.

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