Danielle fishel dating lance bass who is jacque reid dating

I’m guessing Lance might have had a few reasons of his own for keeping the relationship under wraps.

I’m not sure if Danielle Fishel just didn’t know Lance was gay or if she made him gay. Next up: Tiffany Brissette, the actress who played the little robot girl in “Small Wonder.” You know being mistaken for a robot must have left her with some serious issues.

Boyfriends and Spouses Lance Bass (1999 to 2000): Known for his work as a singer with N*Sync, Lance Bass began dating Danielle Fishel in 1999. In 2006, news surfaced that Lance Bass was actually gay.

Interestingly, this news did not surprise Danielle Fishel because she had learned this piece of information after they had been apart for a year.

Don’t worry if, after reading a billion “You Know You’re A ’90s Kid When…” lists, you’ve come to realize that you’ve totally forgotten some trivial stuff about the decade. Because, while we remember the Justin Timberlakes & Britney Spearses of the decade fondly, it seems a whole bunch of other famous couples have slipped through the memory cracks. Now, we’re taking a walk down ’90s memory lane and remembering the really famous couples that you either forgot about or had no clue existed entirely!

You’re human, and if you don’t remember wearing scrunchies as bracelets or desperately wanting a subscription to magazine, that’s cool.

Danielle Christine Fishel (born May 5, 1981) is an American actress and television personality best known for her role as Topanga Matthews on the 1990's TV sitcom Boy Meets World.

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Net Worth Danielle Fishel possesses a total net worth of million from her various acting projects.

Much of her income was earned due to the success of the series, Boy Meets World.

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In the last two or three years it’s become apparent that a DUI is the new… “Boy Meets World” star Danielle Fishel, aka Topanga, got arrested on a DUI warrant last Thursday. She was booked into the Newport Beach jail and released several hours later.

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