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The development phase was finished in 1950 and one year later series production started. A second "duplex" artillery system was subsequently designed by FF Petrov's design bureau at Artillery Factory No 9. The 122 mm Gun D-74 was a competitor to the M-46; and while many were produced, the M-46 became the only long range Gun in Soviet service until new 152 mm Guns in the 1970s.The M-46 was developed from the M-36 130 mm naval gun used on ships and for coast defence.The following is the list of deployment failure codes and their meanings.

If I check the logs however there are no calls being made and the AJAX request never finishes. This causes a deadlock because in dev mode, by default, Rails (with Webrick, anyway) will only serve 1 request at a time, and it can't switch to serving your Ajax request until it's done serving your PDF request, which it can't do because it's waiting for your Ajax request.The most common failure, this error indicates the Patch Agent encountered a problem executing the script associated with the deployment or the Windows Installer returned a generic 1603 installation failure.The most common reason for a script failure is the operating system's Windows Script Host scripting components are not registered or malfunctioning.The new systems, designed by the factory No 172 (MOTZ), shared the same carriage and were given the designators M-46 (130 mm) and M-47 (152 mm).The respective GRAU designators are 52-P-482 and 52-P-547.

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