Dating a cougar tips

Or are they just hot older chicks with angry husbands waiting to kick your ass?If you're a fearless cougar hunter please go ahead and take your chances by approaching the next hot older woman you see in public.Travel together – Nothing says “romance” like a holiday or day-trip to a beach or a city break where the newness of the environment keeps you stimulated. Travel together and the experience of the partnership just went up a notch.6. Make your words count and back them up with action.A supportive older woman will forever capture his attention.

Be yourself – Be your wise, intelligent and creative self as a younger man will get inspiration from your years of experience.

A Cougar is a marginally older, classy vixen with her life together; they’re slightly seductive, and recognize authenticity in (usually) younger men.

As cited by Urban which offers several unusual definitions, a “Cougar” is generally a vain, attractive female ranging in 30-50 years of age who “just wants to sink her teeth into a naïve youngster willing to do anything to keep his seductress’s attention.”I openly and vehemently disagree with this definition.

While there is certainly a possibility that you might end up meeting the love of your life, the website doesn’t endorse this as one of its specializations.

The tag line of this site, “nobody takes dating too seriously” should make people seeking a life companion sway away from this site.

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