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But regardless of which side of the Atlantic we live on, we can all agree on one thing: we love to fuck.

A new study from Dr, found on Bro Bible, does a deep dive on various preferences of Europeans and Americans when we or, in layman’s terms, go to pound town.

You know a German babe with brains and sex appeal is the absolute real deal.

The article goes so far as to even suggest places where one can find a sexy foreigner (grad school hangouts at Columbia or NYU, for example).And now I, too, am beginning to wonder whether the European way isn't more pragmatic, more intelligent, finally more durable.The American "system (if we may call it anything so formal as that) is the romantic's way and the European is the classicist's.You like a man with passion that also has an eye for fashion.An Italian man is one who loves expression, and you will quickly become his obsession.

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