Dating a passive woman

They don’t feel strong or sturdy enough to confront you in a direct and straightforward way, but they feel angry and emotional and can only express themselves in a way that is intended to cast them in a meek light, as if to say, ‘Who, me? Regardless of what causes a person to become passive-aggressive (again, low self-worth mixed with anger), this type of adolescent – no, elementary school – behavior should be absolutely unacceptable in any relationship between two adults.How to stop this behavior as soon as you identify it…But trust me when I say that people who are passive-aggressive have gotten this feedback from other people for years.When dealing with someone who gets passive-aggressive, you don’t need to give thousands of details or examples to substantiate your point; just say the words “passive-aggressive” and he or she will instantly know 1) what you mean, and 2) that you’re probably right – even if they won’t admit it. Passive-aggressive behavior is behavior in which someone, with one fell swoop, attempts two separate goals: to express anger toward you, and to frustrate you.People these days are so unsure of themselves that it is a unique way to set yourself apart.Be the girl who knew what she wanted and went after it.One of my faults is that I can sometimes be impulsive, but I’ll put that impulsiveness to good use here by giving you the punch line first: Passive-aggressive people know that they’re passive-aggressive, so all you need to do is point it out to them when it happens!With so many problems, telling someone they have a given problem is more annoying than it’s worth because they so often don’t see it in themselves.

I’ve been dating a beta-male for about a month and a half.A friend recently told me that I have a habit of dating guys with lots of deal breakers.He blames this on my so called tendency to be a passive dater – someone who says yes just because someone asked.Playing the passive potential romantic interest is a lot harder than it use to be when everyone is so being obvious. Otherwise, how is he supposed to know you were ever interested in this first place?I’ve heard that many dates go wrong because the guy didn’t know if the girl wanted a first goodbye kiss or not.

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If you leave it to some guys to ask you out you’ll be waiting til you’re an old spinster with a bunch of ugly cats.

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